What you need to know about toys for your kids


For many years, plastic toys were the most beautiful and attractive plaything parents would use as a surprise for their children. But not anymore! There is an increasing trend of gorgeous toys making rounds in the markets today. Parents are now shifting their attention to wood toys for their children. These toys stir imagination among kids, and they are tactile. Well, here are the best toys made of wood for children.

Plan Toy Tea Set

a tea set for kitchen playThere is nothing as good as buying that favourite plaything for your little angel. Plan Toy Tea is the best in this case. This toy is made of wood from rubber trees. The tea set comprises of a sugar bowl, two saucers, a teapot, two pieces of sugar, and two tea bags. The wood used to make this doll ism of high quality and can hold real water.

ELC Retro Diner Kitchen

Kids like assisting their parents in the kitchen. ELC Retro Diner Kitchen can be the little kitchen for your child. It will be of importance to your child’s life just like your real kitchen is to you. This most sought toy is easy to assemble.

Drones for kids

Drones are becoming increasingly trendy these days and kids have always had love for robots and other pieces of high technology. From mini drones to big video drones like the latest Mavic Pro from DJI (http://www.testsdedrones.fr/test-dji-mavic-pro-il-en-a-sous-le-capot/), you have quite a lot of options available for kids!

Orange Tree Peter Rabbit Skittles Set

It is another wood toy that is so beautiful toy wood. It is themed with eye-catching colours. This doll is of high quality and is ideal for kids with three years and above.

First sound blocks

It is perfect for helping your child in hand coordination and motor skills. It comes in a timber box with a natural smell that is safe for your baby. The plaything produces interesting sounds that your child will love. The doll features coloured blocks which are empty and include beads that make three different tones. These high-quality baby blocks are made firmly using non-toxic, water-based paints.

Bamboo Rocking Horse

If your child’s birthday is up next, then consider this Bamboo Rocking Horse as the perfect gift. It is made from renewable bamboo and can last for many years. Your baby will love this rocking horse doll that is made strictly using water based paints which are safe for children.

Alphabet pull along tray

Every parent gets happy when a child learns all the alphabets and recites them in order. Well, this is the perfect toy made of wood for your little ones. It features a set of wooden ABC blocks that are included in a pull a long wooden tray made from wood. Then also comprise of a new word in an illustration picture.

Vintage Wooden Toolbox

a wooden tool boxEvery kid loves acting as the parent does when alone. Make your baby the little father with this Vintage Wooden Toolbox. The toolbox features 13 tools that comprise of a hammer, wrenches, wooden drill and many others. You baby will enjoy pretending to be a daddy with this wood made toy gift.


Apart from toys made from the wood being good looking more beautiful, they can last longer than their plastic counterparts can. They are safe to play with. Many parents consider them old fashioned, but they encourage creativity.