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First, apologies for not updating more often - since this site started seven years ago, I've developed yet more hobbies, have a busy job, and have a toddler to play with. The most recent versions of Pyramid and Let's Make a Deal aren't even mentioned on the pages, while one of my all-time favorites, To Tell the Truth, remains unwritten. We're moving soon; I hope to update a bit after we get unpacked.

This site has been named both a Yahoo! Pick of the Day for July 23, 2002 and a USA Today Hip Click of the Day for October 18, 2002!

Almost Anything Goes

The Money Maze

The Big Showdown

Musical Chairs

Blank Check Last Update: 5/1/05.

Name That Tune

Blankety Blanks

The Neighbors

Celebrity Bowling

The New Treasure Hunt Still to come!

Celebrity Sweepstakes

Now You See It

Concentration Still to come!

Password All-Stars/Password

Cross-Wits Still to come!

The Price Is Right

Dealerís Choice Still to come!

Rhyme and Reason

The Diamond Head Game Still to come!


Don Adamsí Screen Test Still to come!



Split Second


Sports Challenge Still to come!

High Rollers


The Hollywood Squares

The $10,000/$25,000 Pyramid


Three for the Money


To Tell the Truth Still to come!

The Jokerís Wild

Truth or Consequences Something's finally here!

Letís Make a Deal

Whatís My Line?

The Magnificent Marble Machine

Wheel of Fortune

Masquerade Party Still to come!

Winning Streak

Match Game í75/Match Game P.M.

You Donít Say!

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I have given up on counters; they all break sooner or later. Letís just say Iíve gotten a decent number of hits over the past four years.

Links Galore! I list show-specific links on each page, but these few are absolutely necessities to any game show fan.

Other Good Stuff: Besides the pages listed above, Iíve created a few other game show-related documents over the years:

For all the game show fans who have been wondering "What does Curt Alliaume look like, anyway?", well, now you know. Well, that's what I looked like a few years ago. I'm gonna lose that weight soon, really.

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