If you didn’t catch the Bookstar signing in Studio City for Peter Marshall’s book, Backstage With the Original Hollywood Square, check out the photos at Mandel Ilagan’s Mandelweb.com (look under the August 7, 2002 listing). Also, watch this space for more information about further signings.

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I have given up on counters; they all break sooner or later. Let’s just say I’ve gotten a decent number of hits over the past four years.

Links Galore! I list show-specific links on each page, but these few are absolutely necessities to any game show fan.

Steve Beverly’s TVGameshows.net is the first place to go for news on the genre. Steve updates the page several times a week.
Brad Francini’s Game Shows Central is tops for videotape collectors looking to expand their collections, and it has a pile of video clips and a Press Your Luck page as well.
Mike Klauss’ TV-Gameshows.com includes a bunch of video clips, has recap pages on eight great shows, and much more. Mike is also now the webmaster for the great Whew! page created by the late Randy Amasia, one of the best friends game shows ever had.
Chris Lambert’s The Game $how Page is the originator of the genre. Chris has continued to expand the page over the years, adding pages on several classic shows and sports games.
Matt Ottinger has three separate pages worth checking out: The Game Show Compendium lists all the links Matt could find to every game show, The Bill Cullen Homepage is the ultimate source on everybody’s favorite host, and The Game Show Home Game Home Page gives all the lowdown on the home editions of our shows.
Other Good Stuff: Besides the pages listed above, I’ve created a few other game show-related documents over the years:

Daytime programming for the Big Three television networks: CBS, NBC, and ABC. These aren’t the current daytime lineups, these show every program, in their Eastern time slots, over the years. If you wondered when Chain Reaction went on and off NBC, check here.
A Frequently Asked Questions page, useful for you folks looking for tapes of shows.
A Save Regis and Millionaire on ABC! was written back in December of 2001, when ABC was blaming the show for its problems. It didn’t keep the show on the air regularly, but a lot of media outlets picked up my campaign, much to my shock. (I hope this page is the only reason I’m ever mentioned in The National Enquirer — I don’t think enquiring minds want to know any more about me.)

For all the game show fans who have been wondering “What does this guy look like, anyway?”, well, now you know.

E-Mail Me with your stories and questions on game shows. (Especially if you appeared as a contestant or worked on one.) NOTE: If you want to know about the availability of old episodes of a particular show, please read the FAQ.

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