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We welcome you to one of the paramount video gaming sites. Here, you are supplied with the best games that help your young ones grow and learn fast. Every child should acquire its learning requirements and educational needs while having fun as well so we are here to help you with it.

Kid Game Tips.

Why is my kid engaging in risky behavior?

Sometimes the young person commits dangerous acts, taking excessive risks.

This type of behavior, called “risky behavior,” cannot be trivialized or ignored by adults without dramatizing the situation or wanting to control everything. Risky behavior is behavior that, by its very nature, can endanger an adolescent’s life or physical integrity without the adolescent having a genuine desire to commit suicide.

Every teen needs to take risks and face death.

They need rituals of passage to leave childhood and enter the world of adults. In our societies, adults no longer organize such rituals into groups. Therefore, it is the teenagers who must invent them, with the risk of putting the danger bar very (too) high! While his life is clearly in danger, the young person denies the risk he takes in such circumstances. Dangerous driving is often done in groups, but not necessarily, and can occur in isolation or even wandering (running away).


For group members

With their “peers,” the adolescent looks for these dangerous experiences to belong to a group and to increase or defend their self-esteem. Examples of risky behaviors: extreme sports; car or motorcycle rallies; traffic accidents; escapes; overdoses; repeated alcohol consumption; unprotected sex; Russian roulette games and scarves (a game of self-strangulation that done alone or with others), etc.

Motorcycle or car races, sporting achievements, alcohol competitions, group sex or criminal acts often take on this meaning. Many teenagers feel invincible taking risks in a group: “together, nothing can happen to us, together, differences, death, the future does not exist.” Extreme sensations become a drug and lead to an addiction to dangerous driving. Also, the consumption of alcohol and drugs is frequent: it contributes to the disinhibition and the loss of the sensation of danger and allows to “stop worrying about it.”


Acting and defining limits

Risky behaviors should be taken very seriously, especially when the teen shows signs of fragility. Never underestimate the intense anxiety the teen experiences during dangerous driving or the traumatic impact it has on him or her, beyond the trivialization and excitement it seems to show.

These dangerous behaviors have much in common with adolescents who attempt suicide. However, adults don’t always realize how vulnerable their children are! Parents need to take a stand, place limits on what they consider dangerous and unacceptable. This won’t necessarily prevent them from taking risks in their absence, but these limits will support the teenager so that he can, in plenty of time, say to himself: “Beyond that limit of danger, I won’t go, even if my friends push me there and call me a coward!”.

Playing with your child in 2018

Playing with your child every day, even if it is only 10 or 15 minutes, allows you to develop real complicity with him and contributes to enriching the bond that unites you. When you take part in their games, your child understands that you value what is important to them.

Keep in mind that the goal is to have fun and share a good time with your child, not to teach them to play or to turn a play into an educational activity. If playing with your child is always about learning, he or she will not feel like playing, but instead doing an exercise or task to please you. The pleasure then risks to disappear and to play, and it is above all to have pleasure!

  • Let your child decide
  • Discover each other through the game
  • Should you always play with your child?
  • Learn to play alone
  • Playing, a cure for stress

Let your child decide.

Let your child lead the game because this is the only area where he can decide everything (unlike food, clothing, bedtime…). When making decisions, your child feels a great sense of control, which gives him pride and self-esteem. You can offer small variations to enrich the game, but without imposing them. It is your child who decides whether or not to accept them.

Discover each other through the game

By playing with your child, you will get to know him in a new light, and your child will know you outside your serious role as a parent. You will see how he organizes his game, what initiatives he takes, his reaction to a tower of blocks that keep falling, his perseverance to finish a puzzle, his imagination… For his part, he will realize that, like him, you like to laugh, that you sometimes have funny ideas and that you know how to have fun.

Moreover, he will be calmer: he will not have to look for all the means to attract your attention since you will give him some by playing with him. Besides, he will more readily accept a refusal when he asks you to play with him if he knows he can play with you at a particular time of the day.

Should you always play with your child?

If you don’t have enough time or energy after a busy day or if you don’t like to play too much, rest assured. When your child asks you to play with him, he wants you to give him attention first. That’s what you do when you:

Giving your child attention is just as important as playing with them.
Share good times with him, such as talking with him at bath time and during meals, singing while driving, leafing through a book together, taking a walk in the park, etc.;
Just watch your child play. Take the opportunity, for example, to comment on his drawings or to encourage him while he builds a tower with his cubes;
Introduce your child to household chores as a game. He will be happy to help you on a daily basis to set the table or sort the linen, for example.
All of these activities give your child a sense of importance as you spend time with them.

Learn to play alone

For a child, learning to play alone is as important as sharing playtime with mom or dad. By playing alone, your child develops independence, resourcefulness, imagination and the ability to take the initiative. Moreover, playing alone allows him to decide what he plays, how, with what and for how long.

If your child has trouble playing without you, avoid sending him to play alone in his room (he will think you want to get rid of him) or telling him that you do not understand that with so many toys he can get bored. Instead, install it close to you and comment on what it does while you go about your business. For example, say, “Wow! They look good your clay cookies! “or “I’m sure Grandma will love the drawing you do for her. “By talking to your child, you are accompanying him in his play, and that encourages him to continue.

Playing, a cure for stress.

Laughter is an excellent antidote to stress because it produces in our body a natural hormone, endorphin, which reduces fatigue and stress.
Playing with your child makes you rediscover the pleasure of the present moment. In his game, your child is focused on what is happening. Running a race with his cars or trying to slide his truck on a narrow slope monopolizes all his attention.

Routine Activities to Teach Kids at School

Teach Kids at School

It is important to teach pupils different activities that they can do on a daily basis.

These routine activities are essential in such a way that all the children get to interact with one another and also get to have fun as well.

The school does not have to be all about teaching let the pupils participate so that they can also learn how to interact and relate with one another and especially with their teachers and ensure the school runs in order as well.

Let’s look at some of the routine activities essential for pupils.

• School arrival time.

barack obama helping kids at schoolIt is essential that all the pupils know and understand the time that they are supposed to arrive at school. Not only do they learn about time management but it also brings unity in the school as all children get to school at the same time.

• Bathroom time.

Make the children understand that there is a particular time for them to visit the bathroom. It is an important routine activity as it helps avoid interruptions during the class time.

• Storytime.

Pupils love to be told stories and to read stories as well. Therefore create a particular time that you wish for the kids to be gathering for story time. Also, you can sometimes schedule for the pupils to be sharing their stories just to ensure that they also participate in such activities and they have fun as well. Let them know how to be sitting during these sessions.

• Departure time.

It is another routine activity that the pupils should be taught. Let them know the time they will be leaving school so they can know and keep in mind the time they are expected to departure from school.

• Meal times.

It is another essential activity to teach the pupils. Let them know the time they will be having their breakfast, snacks lunch and the time it will be ending so as to ensure that there is uniformity among the students. Teach them to wash hands before eating and after eating so as to ensure good hygiene.

How Playing Sports is Great For Kids’ Health

kid playing soccer

We all know that there are numerous health benefits to regular physical activity for kids. But playing a sport can help children learn and grow in ways that they may miss out on with exercise alone.
Whether it’s an individual sport, like swimming, or a team sport, like soccer, these activities give kids a chance to test the social and emotional skills that they’ll need as an adult. Here, we’ll discuss how playing sports enriches kids’ lives by improving their social skills and mental health.

Building Confidence and Self Esteem

Self-esteem is one of the most important elements of any child’s mental health. Kids are much healthier and happier when they feel worthy of praise, not just from adults and other kids, but from themselves.

Playing sports gives children a chance to contribute to a team, which can help them build self-esteem by showing them that their unique skills and abilities are valued. In an individual sport, kids can become more confident by meeting the goals that they set for themselves. Even when they lose, kids can further develop confidence by learning from their mistakes and seeing themselves improve over time.

Developing Social Skills

Social skills are critical to navigating life’s challenges at any age successfully. Playing a sport can teach kids how to be courteous toward others when they win, or to learn from their mistakes when they lose.
They’ll also have to learn to play by the rules and to deal with the consequences of breaking them. By experiencing both fair and unfair treatment from other kids, they’ll quickly understand the value of fairness, and why they should treat others with respect. On a team sport, kids will learn to express themselves clearly and to assert themselves. Of course, compliance and communication are both important elements of…

teens running in the grass

Learning Cooperation and Teamwork

Both in school and at work, kids will need to work on teams to succeed. Even with practice, teamwork isn’t easy: it requires compromise, negotiation, problem-solving, and communication skills.

By playing a team sport, kids can develop these skills while doing something that they enjoy. They’ll learn what a team that works well (or not so well) looks like, how a team player can contribute to the team, and how that teamwork can lead to success or failure. In the process, they’ll sometimes need to put aside their individual desires to benefit the rest of the team.

Being part of a group or a cause larger than themselves can also give kids a sense of fulfilment and a desire to cooperate with others in the future.

Finding Healthy Outlets for Stress Relief

Just like adults, kids can become stressed, so they too can benefit from healthy ways to relieve that stress. Physical activity causes the body to release endorphins into the bloodstream, which are known to help improve mood and relieve feelings of anxiety and depression.

In addition, playing a sport gives the mind something to focus on completely. This can help kids take their minds off their concerns and problems, allowing them to try again when they are better able to handle them. As with adults, kids can enrich their lives significantly by investing themselves in something that they love to do, which also decreases the likelihood that they will seek out unhealthy ways to manage their stress.

What you need to know about toys for your kids


For many years, plastic toys were the most beautiful and attractive plaything parents would use as a surprise for their children. But not anymore! There is an increasing trend of gorgeous toys making rounds in the markets today. Parents are now shifting their attention to wood toys for their children. These toys stir imagination among kids, and they are tactile. Well, here are the best toys made of wood for children.

Plan Toy Tea Set

a tea set for kitchen playThere is nothing as good as buying that favourite plaything for your little angel. Plan Toy Tea is the best in this case. This toy is made of wood from rubber trees. The tea set comprises of a sugar bowl, two saucers, a teapot, two pieces of sugar, and two tea bags. The wood used to make this doll ism of high quality and can hold real water.

ELC Retro Diner Kitchen

Kids like assisting their parents in the kitchen. ELC Retro Diner Kitchen can be the little kitchen for your child. It will be of importance to your child’s life just like your real kitchen is to you. This most sought toy is easy to assemble.

Drones for kids

Drones are becoming increasingly trendy these days and kids have always had love for robots and other pieces of high technology. From mini drones to big video drones like the latest Mavic Pro from DJI (http://www.testsdedrones.fr/test-dji-mavic-pro-il-en-a-sous-le-capot/), you have quite a lot of options available for kids!

Orange Tree Peter Rabbit Skittles Set

It is another wood toy that is so beautiful toy wood. It is themed with eye-catching colours. This doll is of high quality and is ideal for kids with three years and above.

First sound blocks

It is perfect for helping your child in hand coordination and motor skills. It comes in a timber box with a natural smell that is safe for your baby. The plaything produces interesting sounds that your child will love. The doll features coloured blocks which are empty and include beads that make three different tones. These high-quality baby blocks are made firmly using non-toxic, water-based paints.

Bamboo Rocking Horse

If your child’s birthday is up next, then consider this Bamboo Rocking Horse as the perfect gift. It is made from renewable bamboo and can last for many years. Your baby will love this rocking horse doll that is made strictly using water based paints which are safe for children.

Alphabet pull along tray

Every parent gets happy when a child learns all the alphabets and recites them in order. Well, this is the perfect toy made of wood for your little ones. It features a set of wooden ABC blocks that are included in a pull a long wooden tray made from wood. Then also comprise of a new word in an illustration picture.

Vintage Wooden Toolbox

a wooden tool boxEvery kid loves acting as the parent does when alone. Make your baby the little father with this Vintage Wooden Toolbox. The toolbox features 13 tools that comprise of a hammer, wrenches, wooden drill and many others. You baby will enjoy pretending to be a daddy with this wood made toy gift.


Apart from toys made from the wood being good looking more beautiful, they can last longer than their plastic counterparts can. They are safe to play with. Many parents consider them old fashioned, but they encourage creativity.


Educational and Safe Games for Kids

Educational video games are one of the best tools for building communication and language skills that are required by the school curriculum. Such online learning and educational games for children are fun, educate vital skills for elementary and preschool kids and surprisingly are free. If you want educational, learning, and safe games for your kids that help them develop skills in language, math, social studies, science, and more, you have reached the potential place.

Typing Practice Games

The focus of such keyboarding games is to learn to type. It is essential to learn keyboarding skills for today’s beginners as well as tomorrow’s earners. Such typing games are free and one of the great ways to develop typing skills. These games are believed to teach vital skills via many online typing games and typing lessons. Oh yes, these are fun!

Alphabet Games

Spelling games, alphabet games, and vocabulary games are cool ways to develop your kid’s knowledge and skills of English language, while all having fun. Children’s learning English, language, and spellings or just attempting to develop their vocabulary could take advantage from playing online word games.

Science Games

School children adore playing online science experimental games. Students, teachers, schools, and kid’s families could take advantage of the online elementary 5E online science program. Children’s interest, aptitude, and proficiency of science experiments elevate quickly through such educational games. Kids enjoy the learning of meaningful online science curriculum as well.

Brain Games

Children love learning through online games. There are flash games that make it simple and easy for children to perk up their analytical reasoning and logic skills. Logical thinking helps in problem-solving as well. Middle schools and elementary schools incorporate fun games into their customary curricula as learning songs, watching videos, and playing games.

 Geography Games

The geography games form the fundamentals for knowing and understanding our physical and political realities. If one wants to know about the current global warming challenge then they should take start by knowing the fundamentals of our planet…of geography. Great geography education is effectively taught via map games and geography games.

Health Games

Flowers, foods, pets and seasonal changes all can cause children to suffer. Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and itching are not excitement for anybody, but especially for children. Make your children play games that are related to learning and understanding of diseases and allergies. Make them play the allergies quiz, match allergy relevant words, unscramble these words, and a lot more.

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This is What Kids Should Be Playing Today

There is so much nature, music, science, storytelling, art, and technology that our kids have not seen yet. This all stuff is made for kids. And the target audience must reach out to this wonderful and great stuff available for them. A well-appointed game is a game that does not frustrate or confuse its player and worthy of their valuable time. To select a game for your kids, you have to make sure three basic criteria which are: playability, cognitive load, and innovation.

The playable game is the game that is not likely to aggravate and puzzle its player. Rather, it might challenge them in a positive way and should perk up the sense of organization and agency. It should also promote the I CAN in its player to solve problems, overcome hurdles, and implement the strategy to achieve either player-created or game-created goal. The game should also impose an important and appropriate cognitive load on the player. To put it simply, the game must acquire sustained creative, knowledge, and strategic demands for its player to get successful. This cognitive load will also perk up the creativity sides of your kids. A video game should also be innovative in the terms that it should be good as an interactive medium and as a narrative form. By innovation, it is not necessarily meant the symbol of quality. Rather, it means that the game should not be as easy and simple as playing with toys but there should be a touch of fine digital experience.

We have come up with some of the best video games for your kids to pick up for today.

Fish School HD

This game is great for your preschoolers.  This game teaches letters, numbers, colors, and shapes with the aid of dynamic and animated fish. Also, there are the lessons on differences i.e., kids have to look for the fish that does not resemble with others. This game covers the fundamental skills which are taught before or/and during curriculum of preschools. After kids are done with working their brains out, they have the playtime by dragging and tapping the fish and seeing them react. A few numbers and letters are difficult to read while displayed by animated fish, hence, it could be aggravated for some small kids.

Balloony Word

In this game, the kangaroo and the gorilla hang feebly and helplessly with balloons having printed letters on them. Their lives are at the mercy of the player who has to guess the words made of letters they pick. Each wrong guess pops the balloon and gets kangaroo and gorilla closer to earth. This is one simple, easy, and enjoyable game that your children must like. You can also play it when your kids are asleep as it is worth your pastime as well. The only shortcoming of this video game is that your elder kids might get bored on account of recurring nature of this game.

Smarty Pants

This game is for the users of all ages. Its gameplay is targeted at players of different ages. Hence, it is a treat for all the family members that can be enjoyed in the pastime to stay away from all the nasty disputes. This game is inclusive of distinct nationalities and hence, you can filter it for particular countries as well. This video game has also brought the creative way of breaking ties with tug-o-wars and dance offs.

Tips on Choosing Online Games for Kids to Play

From multiplayer web games to virtual worlds and mobile apps, no limit is there to where or how children are likely to play the video games. However, for parents of child gamers, there is a pleasant news; that with a great variety of games, it is not so difficult to find out the potential and great games for your little gamers.

Video games industry has come an extensive way. With the advancement of technology, now the games are no longer restricted to remote, screens, and couches, however, games are revolutionized as they involve the physical activity of kids as well. Now, there are a lot of games of such type. Other games are those which are helpful in developing kid’s communication skills, problem-solving approach, and team-building.

While there are a lot of positive facets of gaming, however, it also involves some great risks. There are many games which have sadistic and violent themes. Some studies connect children’s exposure to aggressive games with lack of compassion and elevated aggression in them. Also, gaming is not inexpensive. With novel game titles releasing on a regular basis, the cost, in addition to the time children spend on such devices could add up immediately. We have come up with some of the verified tips that ensure your kid’s safety in the gaming world.

Tips for Kids of All Age

Age Appropriation

Parents should make sure that their kids are playing games that are not harmful to their physical and mental health. In addition, spy on the content of the video games as well. Also, keep an eye on your kid’s activities when they go to their friend’s places.

Establish Limits

It is something which can be accomplished only if you employ it from the very beginning. You have to establish limits for everyday media usage of your kids and strictly enforce the time and content restrictions.

Look for Good Stuff

It is not mandatory that your boy will play the games involving shooting, automobiles, and fighting; and girl will play the games involving cooking, sewing, and dolls. Because there are a number of games that supply your kids with potential engaging experience that broadens their horizons and perk up their learning and communication skills.

Watch Out Online Ads

There is a number of malware and spyware associated with the video games downloading that are enough to crash your desktop windows. So, talk about such viruses to your kids so they will not download content too blindly.

Hamper Online Communications

There are a lot of games that tender online chatting. We discourage this feature for your young school going kids. If the games offer such a feature, simply disable it.

Stay Involved

Do not just leave your kids after doing the initial examination of their online gaming life. Instead, stay involved constantly. It is unhealthy for you and your kids if their activities go unchecked. Spy on the time and content they watch. Ask your kids about their online gaming lives. In addition search for those games that will strengthen and buttress your own family values.